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Business scope

The supply scope of Plastsea covers the necessary machines and materials for tyre industry, including rubber mixer, rubber mixing mill, twin-screw rubber sheeter, rubber batch off cooling machine, rubber calender, rubber extruder, tyre building machine, tyre bead forming machine, tyre curing press, tyre mold, Tyre inner tube splicer, Tyre inner tube curing press, Bicycle & Motorcycle tyre making machines, Tyre retreading machines, tire valve, tire bladder etc.


With its professional knowledge and technology, Plastsea produce plenty of suitable machines for its customer and help its customer save lot of time, energy and cost forsearching the suitable machines. At present, the business of Plastsea has covered more than 20 countries of the world, like USA, Russia, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc.


The core principle that drives Plastsea people is pure passion. Plastsea people consider all of the work from customers’ position from technology, design, contract fulfillment, service, etc. To provide satisfaction and add economic value for the customers is the aim of Plastsea. To help customer to get the most suitable machines is the business philosophy of Plastsea. To save cost, energy and time for each customer is the duty of Plastsea. To help customer to create the value with our machines and service is our mission. Honesty is the basic rule of Plastsea.


We have the ability to design the required structure of machines to meet the special request of customers. Meanwhile, we can organize all of the required product for tyre factory to help customer save their time, cost and energy for searching the suitable product. You can enjoy the one-stop purchase from Plastsea.


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