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  • Fulfillment Guarantee

    Fulfillment Guarantee

    Plastsea considers itself as the agent of customer. With its resource and power in this industry, Plastsea know the ability, reliability and credit very well of each factory and learn the update status of each factory to avoid any risk of each order caused by the shut-down, complex relationship, breach of contract. Plastsea will give double-guarantee for each order to guarantee the fulfillment of each order.

  • Competitive price Guarantee

    Competitive price Guarantee

    With many years experience, Plastsea learn the cost of each machine. We can offer the most competitive price for our customer. Meanwhile, as a big and stable customer of our factories, we can get a preferential price than other customers of factories. Customers can save much cost with our resource for the same machines.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Quality Guarantee

    Quality is the Top important aspect of Plastsea. Plastsea will monitor the fabrication from the material to the end to guarantee each part can follow the stipulated configuration with high quality. Each procedure will be monitored to guarantee any mistake during the fabrication. All of the machines will be 100% inspected and tested before shipment.

  • Service Guarantee

    Service Guarantee

    Plastsea has an experienced and professional team for the technical communication. Quick-response to each feedback from customer is our work rules. We can communicate in different languages. Meanwhile, we have much experience in the exporting procedure to guarantee the smooth shipment of each order.

  • Delivery time guarantee

    Delivery time guarantee

    Plastsea control the fabrication schedule to guarantee the delivery on time. Plastsea monitor each procedure to make sure the whole schedule can be guaranteed. Meanwhile, order from Plastsea will be produced in prior by its factory. Thus it can meet the schedule of our customers to guarantee the continuous production of customers.

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